Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theater (2006)

Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theater Korea Movie DVDThe plot follows a young girl, Seong So-dan as she searches for her Grandmother who disappears at the beginning of the film after announcing that she wanted to go and see "her film". So-dan goes to the movie theatre to look for her and stops the suicidal manager from hanging himself, he gives her a job working in the box office so she can wait and see if her Grandmother will show up. One night, while she is working late at the theater, four ghosts appear to her; Wanda, a bulimic ex-kisaeng who obsessively counts her own hair; Elisa, a Joseon Dynasty princess; Ijawa Hiroshi, a Japanese soldier stationed in Korea and Mosquito. Each of the ghosts is identical to a member of the theater staff working during the day.
So-dan overcomes her fear of the ghosts and joins them as they perform in the theatre at night. She eventually discovers that they were part of an acting troupe, which also included her grandmother and the manager. The four of them were killed at the premier of their debut film "Minosu: The Bull-headed Man" and have decided to haunt the theatre until the film is shown again.