Womb Ghosts - Ngok toi (2010)

WOMB GHOSTS - HK 2010 Horror Thriller movie DVD (Region All Free) Chrissie Chau (English subtitled)Life after death of a fetus inside a woman's body exists as a Womb Ghost. Unnatural termination of such life will turn the baby into the evilest and most vicious kind of spirit.
The plot takes place mainly in a mental hospital where the women who are being impregnated mysteriously. When a young inmate had a miscarriage, the doctors tried to remove the dead fetus inside her.
Little did they know that a horrifying outcome is just one of many things that haunts their mental hospital, a non-stop horror experience where haunting begins when life ends… Only one answer can be given to the existence of such an ungodly creature, the Womb Ghost.